Monday, 21 April 2014

Never Throw Away Your Credit Card Details While Shopping Online!

Online shopping is more important these days. As it is very easy, save time and you get the value of your money. But you are unaware with the fact that it is an open door for hackers. Hackers made our online surfing a headache. They can create a program, to catch your credit card details and can sell it in black market which can be used as an identity theft. According to the report there are 18 customers that are affecting by the credit card frauds. Most of the hackers fraudulently use your credit card and debit card.  Credit cards are so much in trend that whenever we go outside we use debit or credit card for shopping. It is very easy to swipe the card at checkout. Most the stores encourage using debit or credit cards for electronic payment systems. But on the same time this practice is very profitable for hackers. Through this blog you will learn how to protect yourself from credit card theft.
Some important tips that should be followed while shopping online:

1. Check the terms of your credit card – 

You need to find out what could be your charge if your card is at risk. Some credit card gives total cover against the fraud and other limited cover. 

2. Submit your information carefully –

There are many sites that ask lots of information before purchasing any good. Just avoid such companies as the information is likely to be compromised.

3. Read the privacy policy – 

The site should give particular assurance that respect your privacy and will never sell your information to third party.

4. Look at the address on the website – 

The address will tell you whether the site is secure or not. Normally the  address of any website starts with http:// but if the website address starts with https:// then it is a secured site. It is a very important information because it gives you the assurance of safety. 

5. Avoid using credit card on public terminals –

If you are in Cyber cafe or Internet cafe avoid purchasing because you’re confidential details can be compromised.

6. Assured security settings–

If you are not satisfied with the security setting but you want to make purchase then use a virtual credit card for such type of transaction. This facility is available for most of the credit card users. It has a unique number that can be used only once so if the hacker tries to capture that number it cannot be used any more. And that virtual credit card number is not your original credit card number. 

As no one in this world can guarantee that you are safe while doing online shopping. It is up to you that whether you want to stay safe or not. You need to work hard to stay safe.  A fear of being hacked will always hang at you back and will ask how to make your online shopping safe?

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Why protecting a system from computer viruses are important?

Protecting your system from Virus has become the important part of our life. Computer viruses are a group of “malicious code” and the programs are overwritten with the intention to harm or to gather information related to the computer user with or without his/her knowledge.  They can perform a number of nasty acts that depends on the type of virus. At some extend virus delete files or documents but some viruses like Trojan horse try to access your computer. Having virus in your PC can make your system slow and you can lose your control on your computer. It can even collect you personal information such as bank account details, credit card number, or other vital information. Computer viruses are all over thus it is very important to protect yourself from the risk of data loss. Computer viruses are now used by hackers to gain access on your computer.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Computer Hackers and Predators

Usually it happens that you face some kind of unusual threats which you may think that it is done through computer or any kind of virus attacks, but you are wrong in your quotations. This kind of threats is created by people or you can say them Computer predators that use to make victims from others for their personal gain. Computer hackers are usually unauthorized users which specialize in the business of stealing, change or may be destroy their information without your consent and prior knowledge. They are very expert in stealing the technical knowledge which actually helps them to access the entire information of your monetary gains. So by these activities you may think once that how come they trap you without knowing your identity and lots more. For them it is just a play because as you all are fond of accessing Internet, that’s the moment when those online villains use spam mails and Phishing scam to trap your personal details for their use.
If you are not protected with firewall, those computer hackers can directly attack to your private information. It happens most of the time that when you are connected to the Internet those hackers have installed your PC quietly and then transmits your personal information without any consent and knowledge of yours. They hack those stuffs through your usernames and passwords and steal your money and open credit cards and bank account in the name of yours. Along with that they ruin or damage your credit and make purchases. They also uses cash advances and abuse your social security number. They also tend to sell your information’s to the next party to gain additional profits. If you want to know that have they attacked your personal account or not so you should always check your details of credit card and other document transactions along with that you should also keep an eye on your personal accounts. 
So to get rid of this hackers and predators of the computer you should take appropriate steps to protect your PC from hackers and predators. Few steps are as traced below:

1. You should keep on updating the accuracy of your personal account.
2. You should be extremely aware of chat rooms or personal posting web pages.
3. You should keep personal information’s limited which you usually post on your web pages.
4. You should be aware of sending any request to your friends or acquaintances.
5. You should always keep financial and personal information’s out of the box of online conversations.

These are the following steps which you have to follow before continuing anything online and shouldn’t share anything related to your credits or monetary funds.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Protect Your Computer from Viruses and Cyber criminals

Computer is used to do so many things. Today it has become any important media to get information about any sort of thing. We go online to search information related to studies, play games, bank, colleges, shop or it come to stay in touch with our close ones. It is playing an important role in our life. In result it stores a bunch of information related to us. It contains information related to banking or financial records, medical information’s, and some other confidential information that we don’t want to share with anyone.  If you haven’t protected your then it is easy for the Spammers to hack your computer and to gain access to your confidential information. They can use your computer to send emails to the people in your contacts which will look like it came from your side. Viruses or malicious program can destroy your computer and can even slow down your operating system.  There are more than billions of spam emails go across the web each day.  Spam can be simple irritation into something very dangerous. 

Cyber criminals are becoming more complicated in their phishing and scam schemes that are especially designed to steal personal and financial information that you want to keep secret.  They can also use numerous security blemishes in web applications, operating systems, or in the software. But the most important question is that how they find our email address. They buy the lists from the brokers that constantly gather email addresses from the web sites, newsgroups, Internet directories, chat rooms, and many more. Spamming has slowly grown from innocent fun to serious - criminal and at present it is a moneymaking business or destructive, troublemaking threats. It source spam were used to spread virus but now emails are getting ploy and the malicious program creep in to users computer are becoming nasty and harder to identify. Identity theft is also rising and the gangs of criminals use emails to spread virus and to steal the data from the infected PC.

Thus to protect your computer from virus and their infection you should use a powerful antivirus software.  SpyHunter is an antivirus program that is specially designed to identify and remove viruses and malicious malware from your operating system. This program directly scans the rootkit and displays notification after identifying the virus. Always keep your computer up to date, turn on the firewall, use strong password, protect your wireless network, never open a spam email, never visit an unknown links etc. 

Friday, 27 December 2013

How to detect and remove virus from computer?

We all are aware with computer viruses or malware that cause troubles ranging from nauseating to cataclysmic. Few malware replicate itself until and unless they fill the space available on your drive. While some corrupt the data present on your machine and makes you operating system unstable. Some will use you email to send a malicious code to the people who are in your contact list. There is always a possibility of the hacker to access your computer.  We never want a malevolent virus to own or infect our computer. So it is very important to follow a safe computing practice and to use trustworthy anti-virus software. You can stay away from most of the malicious malware by just paying attention and staying away from their trap. You might encounter a pop-up message while surfing the web that can claim that a virus is found in your computer and will force you to download the software. Be careful it is a scam that trick innocent user in downloading their malicious or infected software that can infect you system and can act as a spying agent. Don’t trust the message until and unless it is from own antivirus and antispyware application. 

In a while computer virus go beyond our barricade. It might be because our antivirus program is not up to dated or it is not so powerful to protect your PC from their infection. Virus is very clever they can enter into our computer by accidentally clicking on an unknown link. But the most important thing about this virus is that they remain undetected by our regular antivirus program so how can we detect their presence in our computer. If you have up-to-date or robust antivirus software then you will receive the message as you scan your computer. But if it is an outdated one then you have to detect their presence. By watching few signs remove virus from computer:

If your PC is unstable then it is a sign of a malicious virus that is accessing your PC. They can even mess with your important file that helps your PC in running smoothly. This can lead to system crash and can corrupt your data. We often notice that our computer has become a great competitor of turtle. Its degraded speed can be the result of malware that starts to deplete your system’s processing resource. You will get a strange message that you cannot access few drives present on your system. We often think that using one antivirus program is good then using two programs will be right but we are wrong.

The anti-virus software uses a hefty percentage of operating system’s processing power. So running more than one program can easily slow down your computer   to crawl or can even cause a crash. And all the antivirus programs are not compatible with one another that can make your operating system more unstable.  SpyHunter is a designed to remove spyware, malware and other viruses that you can unintentionally pick up during surfing the Web. Their presence can slow down your system, can lead to data loss or even to the identity theft if it is left unchecked. SpyHunter scans your system’s hard drive and clean out all interruptions that are detected in a single click of your mouse.

Friday, 22 November 2013

How to protect and clean your PC from Malware?

Malware is a word used to describe a group of damaging software that contains virus, worms, spyware, browser hijacker, adware, Trojan horse etc. Malware can easily damage your computer and can even steal your confidential data which result in identity theft. Removing malware is easier than avoiding it. But before going into the removal procedure find out its way form where it entry. How it gets into your PC? How harmful it can be? How it damage your PC? How you can use recommended tool to protect your PC? How to update your computer to avoid the entry of malware? What is the use to secure your operating system? All the above question will help you to protect and clean your PC. Generally we think that we can easily find out all kinds of malware but it’s not so because usually malware is not clear. It is designed in such a way that you will not be able to suspect its entry. It can even destroy your system. Thus we need a little knowledge and a powerful software to protect our operating system. The best way to secure your operating system is to take preventative measures. The most important thing is to update your computer completely. Follow these instructions to protect your PC form Malware:

  • Install an antivirus or antispyware program from a trustworthy source.
  • Never download program which is you are not familiar with.
  • Update your software regularly
  • Kindly uninstall the software that is not in use.
  • Subscribe for an automatic software update and turn it on while installing that particular software.
  • Choose a long password atleast of 14 characters which includes, number, symbols, and letters.
  • Create different password for different sites.
  • Never share your password with anyone keep then secret.
  • Never turn off the firewall because it keeps a protective wall between internet and computer
  • Don’t use an unknown flash drive on your operating system
  • Never open any unexpected file on your drive.

These are few steps that should be used in order to protect PC from malware. It even enters from the social networking sites or visiting any unknown links or sites. They can also trick the user into downloading a malware the innocent user will believe that they are downloading a useful piece of software. Thus to get rid from malware you need a powerful anti-spyware application that has the ability to search and remove rootkit that is silently install antispyware programs and other malicious virus to destroy your PC. SpyHunter is a powerful antispyware program designed to harmful malware form your operating system. It newly advanced rootkit detection technology permit it to scan rootkit instantly and displays a notification after detection. Rootkit use encrypted and hidden folders and files to remain undetected by the general security programs. But SpyHunter will ask the computer user to reboot the operating system and during the rebooting process it will remove the rootkit to secure the computer.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

What is Spyware and what does it do

Spyware is a malicious virus which belongs from adware family which is a programs introduced to the computer clients or users. If spyware is present in the computer it can either cause the slowing down the pace of your PC and in other words Spyware is also known as Malware, and it is not stated yet that all spyware are malicious where some types of spyware could be installed for the maketh purpose in order to track or assume the activity of others users secretly. The bad affect which this spyware leaves behind is that, this has a negative effect of secrecy as it enters into the computer without the user appropriate knowledge or consent. It also pokes its nose in the change settings, bring up the different homepages, computer operations, and cause loss of data or internet services along with it interferes with the executions of other installed programs which is therefore planned to observe the activity of the users who are using the internet. This program has the capability to collect and spread the personal information’s.
Most of the time Advertisers are duly interested on poking nose in others websites and what people are doing and which website they are surfing on. It also happens that it can even redirect browser input to land the user on another websites just because to spread information without the user information and knowledge as it is classified as “privacy invasive software”. This is also known as “Advertising-supported software. It also holds the quality to reports users’ activity to third party for profit occupations. It has the ability to steal the identical information’s along with the credit card information’s as this does not self-replicate like worm or virus.
If Spyware affects your PC you can undoubtedly expects the following activities which are therefore done by this malicious virus, few are traced below:

1.  It usually steals your passwords.
2.  It examines your browsing choices.
3.  It initiates pop-up window.
4.  It will log your keystrokes.
5.  It usually sends you the target mail venture.
6.  It also redirects your web browser.
7.  It also hand-out pornography.
8.   It inquires your personal information’s to far-flung servers.