Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Tips for protecting your credit card against fraud

Theft the clear form of credit card fraud can happen in different ways. It can through trash in search of discarded billing statements and then use your account details to buy things. Retail or the bank website can even get hacked and your card can be stolen. Perhaps some dishonest waiter or clerk clicks the pictures of your credit card and use your account to buy stuffs. Or it can be that you get a call offering free trip or discounted travel package and for that you need to join a club and provide your account number. And you will be charged for that thing that you don’t own. The trip promoter and other member who called are nowhere.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Cybercriminal Looking to Harvest Your Personal Details to Steal Your Money

If you among those who think computer virus as a small program that is designed to perform mischief. We all know about computer virus that it is a destructive program that can erase all the information or overwrites them then you are late the viruses are now not only erasing your data but also your back account. If you are taking computer virus casually then wake up before it become too late for you. Now they steal the bank information and empties money from your accounts without your knowledge now you might be thinking that you haven’t stored anything on your computer so how it is possible then, stop acting childish it is not only your computer that are providing them your information.They found many other ways to harvest your personal data. 

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Don’t let computer virus corrupt your computer files

There are many clever viruses which are very hard to avoid from getting into your computer. When your computer gets infected with these computer viruses then it becomes a very distressing experience. It can consume your vital data, file and can even damage the hardware of your computer. Is it worth avoiding their presence? I think no. Rather than avoiding their presence talk about them to stay away from them. The first place to start is with your e-mail. Prevention is always better than cure. So you should know how to avoid and protect your computer form these malicious software. The email attachment that you get from unknown person often contains lots of virus. 

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Catch Spyware Before It Snags You

When you brows internet and suddenly clicks on an pop up ad or eye catching link then your computer’s browser send you to a slew of nasty sites.  Welcome to the puzzling world of spyware and adware, because your computer is gets infected with types of malware called adware and adware.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Never Throw Away Your Credit Card Details While Shopping Online!

Online shopping is more important these days. As it is very easy, save time and you get the value of your money. But you are unaware with the fact that it is an open door for hackers. Hackers made our online surfing a headache. They can create a program, to catch your credit card details and can sell it in black market which can be used as an identity theft. According to the report there are 18 customers that are affecting by the credit card frauds. Most of the hackers fraudulently use your credit card and debit card.

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Why protecting a system from computer viruses are important?

Protecting your system from Virus has become the important part of our life. Computer viruses are a group of “malicious code” and the programs are overwritten with the intention to harm or to gather information related to the computer user with or without his/her knowledge.  They can perform a number of nasty acts that depends on the type of virus. At some extend virus delete files or documents but some viruses like Trojan horse try to access your computer. Having virus in your PC can make your system slow and you can lose your control on your computer. It can even collect you personal information such as bank account details, credit card number, or other vital information. Computer viruses are all over thus it is very important to protect yourself from the risk of data loss. Computer viruses are now used by hackers to gain access on your computer.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Computer Hackers and Predators

Usually it happens that you face some kind of unusual threats which you may think that it is done through computer or any kind of virus attacks, but you are wrong in your quotations. This kind of threats is created by people or you can say them Computer predators that use to make victims from others for their personal gain. Computer hackers are usually unauthorized users which specialize in the business of stealing, change or may be destroy their information without your consent and prior knowledge. They are very expert in stealing the technical knowledge which actually helps them to access the entire information of your monetary gains. So by these activities you may think once that how come they trap you without knowing your identity and lots more. For them it is just a play because as you all are fond of accessing Internet, that’s the moment when those online villains use spam mails and Phishing scam to trap your personal details for their use.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Protect Your Computer from Viruses and Cyber criminals

Computer is used to do so many things. Today it has become any important media to get information about any sort of thing. We go online to search information related to studies, play games, bank, colleges, shop or it come to stay in touch with our close ones. It is playing an important role in our life. In result it stores a bunch of information related to us. It contains information related to banking or financial records, medical information’s, and some other confidential information that we don’t want to share with anyone.  If you haven’t protected your then it is easy for the Spammers to hack your computer and to gain access to your confidential information. They can use your computer to send emails to the people in your contacts which will look like it came from your side. Viruses or malicious program can destroy your computer and can even slow down your operating system.  There are more than billions of spam emails go across the web each day.  Spam can be simple irritation into something very dangerous. 

Friday, 27 December 2013

How to detect and remove virus from computer?

We all are aware with computer viruses or malware that cause troubles ranging from nauseating to cataclysmic. Few malware replicate itself until and unless they fill the space available on your drive. While some corrupt the data present on your machine and makes you operating system unstable. Some will use you email to send a malicious code to the people who are in your contact list. There is always a possibility of the hacker to access your computer.  We never want a malevolent virus to own or infect our computer. So it is very important to follow a safe computing practice and to use trustworthy anti-virus software. You can stay away from most of the malicious malware by just paying attention and staying away from their trap. You might encounter a pop-up message while surfing the web that can claim that a virus is found in your computer and will force you to download the software. Be careful it is a scam that trick innocent user in downloading their malicious or infected software that can infect you system and can act as a spying agent. Don’t trust the message until and unless it is from own antivirus and antispyware application. 

Friday, 22 November 2013

How to protect and clean your PC from Malware?

Malware is a word used to describe a group of damaging software that contains virus, worms, spyware, browser hijacker, adware, Trojan horse etc. Malware can easily damage your computer and can even steal your confidential data which result in identity theft. Removing malware is easier than avoiding it. But before going into the removal procedure find out its way form where it entry. How it gets into your PC? How harmful it can be? How it damage your PC? How you can use recommended tool to protect your PC? How to update your computer to avoid the entry of malware? What is the use to secure your operating system? All the above question will help you to protect and clean your PC. Generally we think that we can easily find out all kinds of malware but it’s not so because usually malware is not clear. It is designed in such a way that you will not be able to suspect its entry. It can even destroy your system. Thus we need a little knowledge and a powerful software to protect our operating system. The best way to secure your operating system is to take preventative measures. The most important thing is to update your computer completely. Follow these instructions to protect your PC form Malware:

  • Install an antivirus or antispyware program from a trustworthy source.
  • Never download program which is you are not familiar with.
  • Update your software regularly
  • Kindly uninstall the software that is not in use.
  • Subscribe for an automatic software update and turn it on while installing that particular software.
  • Choose a long password atleast of 14 characters which includes, number, symbols, and letters.
  • Create different password for different sites.
  • Never share your password with anyone keep then secret.
  • Never turn off the firewall because it keeps a protective wall between internet and computer
  • Don’t use an unknown flash drive on your operating system
  • Never open any unexpected file on your drive.

These are few steps that should be used in order to protect PC from malware. It even enters from the social networking sites or visiting any unknown links or sites. They can also trick the user into downloading a malware the innocent user will believe that they are downloading a useful piece of software. Thus to get rid from malware you need a powerful anti-spyware application that has the ability to search and remove rootkit that is silently install antispyware programs and other malicious virus to destroy your PC. SpyHunter is a powerful antispyware program designed to harmful malware form your operating system. It newly advanced rootkit detection technology permit it to scan rootkit instantly and displays a notification after detection. Rootkit use encrypted and hidden folders and files to remain undetected by the general security programs. But SpyHunter will ask the computer user to reboot the operating system and during the rebooting process it will remove the rootkit to secure the computer.